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    Copy File

      Hi everyone,

      I have a 11g database in a server. And I am working in a network. My pc and the server is connected to same network.
      And I have a some files in server. I want to copy this files from server to my pc using 11g database procedure.
      I tried DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER.COPY_FILE. This is working on the server but not working from server to client. And it is copying only 512 bytes, 1024 bytes etc.
      And I tried the run command in database procedure like copy \\server\directory\1.txt \\mypc\mydirectory\1.txt. This isn't working too.
      If I run this command on database like copy \\server\directory1\1.txt server\directory2\1.txt it is working by the way. And all directories is sharing on the network which I used.
      And if I run copy command in cmd it is copying files from server to my pc. But I don' t want this, I want to copy files using database procedure to my pc.

      Could anyone can help me about this.

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          Richard Harrison .
          The simplest way is probably to use dbms scheduler and an external job. Basically let the database call an ps script to do the copy. There are other ways but this is probably the simplest. Dbms file transfer is only for oracle files of certain types and not for any file.