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    External Location Ship Method and Transit Time

    Adi Md
      I have got scenario -
      1: Primary Suppliers are in APAC region.
      2: They send the units to a site for consolidation
      3: Based on the receiving site, east coast or west coast the lead time is different
      4: If I cannot place orders to these suppliers then I can place order with local supplier and then the lead time is different

      Now I have modeler following -
      1: The lead time between supplier and consolidation site is in the Processing LT at ASL Level
      Now the issue comes in replicating the lead time between consolidation site and the receiving site.
      I can put this in Post Processing LT. But when I want to evaluate the local supplier, then the post processing LT kicks in which makes it even longer total time for local suppliers.
      I am evaluating to capture this in shipping method.
      But I am not finding any setup or document where I can setup Shipping Method and Lead Time between Supplier Site and Inventory Organization.

      I setup a location in inventory but this location is not appearing in the Inter-Company Transit Times. I am trying with 'Extenal Location' as source.

      Can you please help me on this?