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    Installing SQL Developer on MAC OSX

      Ok, hopefully I have a rather quick question...

      I have been able to install SQL Developer on Windows 7. This is how I understand installing SQL Dev.:

      1.) Downloaded SQL Dev. w/ the JDK
      2.) Went to the SQL cmd. prompt to create user account/password
      3.) Used that user account/password to make a connection


      So...essentially, I want to know how to create a user account/password in MAC osx? Do I use the Terminal to do this? Because I did this all through the SQL cmd prompt, which doesn't come with the install file for mac osx.

      Anyway, I hope this makes sense. If not, let me know and I'll clarify.

      Thanks <3
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          Ronald Rood
          On MacOSX you just unzip the package and run the application to connect to the database where your username/password have to be created before you can connect to it. There currently is no working mac port of the database so your database has to be running in a VM or on a remote machine. When you don't have a jvm installed, you will be prompted to install one when you start sqldeveloper.
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            Jim Smith
            SQL Developer doesn't have a "sql command prompt". What you are seeing is probably SQL*PLus. SQLPlus is installed either as a standalone client; or as part of the database install. To use SQL Developer, you need to have a separate database - either on a remote server, or installed locally.

            In your case I suspect you must have a database installed on windows 7 as you were able to create an account and connect. What are the connection details you used in sql devleoper in windows 7?

            I don't think there is a supported database installation for Mac OS/X any more.

            If you database is remote, then you can use the same connection details to connect from Mac OS. If it is local to windows 7, you could connect your mac to the windows 7 database.