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    Difference between BPM Worklist Application & BPM WorkSpace


      I'm a newbie to Oracle BPM.
      I want to understand the difference between
      Oracle BPM Worklist APplication (that we use for Human Tasks in SOA : host:port/integration/worklistapp)
      Oracle Business Process Workspace (host:port/bpm/workspace)

      I've done a sample BPM process to which the initiator is jcooper.
      When I deployed the app, I could find the task in Workspace but not in WorklistApp. Why is it?

      I know that one is specifically intended for BPM, but why can't we see the task for jcooper in WorklistApp?

      Also, Can you extend your answer to explain Process Composer too(in this context )?

      P.S. I could not find a post that covers the diff b/w the three at a high level.


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