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    Disabling user only on OIM

      Hi OIM Experts,

      When we disable a user in OIM, the user would get disabled on the resources that the user is provisioned to. Is there a way in which we can disable the user only on OIM without the same getting propagated to the resources?

      Also can a set of users b disabled through bulk load or any other means?

      Thanks in advance
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          Kevin Pinsky
          The disable event occurs because of the trigger on the process tasks identified with disable. You can remove the disable and it won't get propagated. However, you don't get to pick and choose when the event runs and when it doesn't if you do need it some of the time, you woud have to code for that.

          And yes, there is bulk disable:

          UserManagerResult disable(java.util.ArrayList userIDs, boolean isUserLogin) throws ValidationFailedException, oracle.iam.platform.authz.exception.AccessDeniedException, UserDisableException, NoSuchUserException

          Bulk disable operation. Disables accounts of all specified users.