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    OPScenter can't start with ERROR code: (rc=281)

      i have an issue

      # /opt/sun/xvmoc/bin/ecadm start -vw
      ecadm: Enable HTML redirect
      ecadm: Disabling application/scn/ec-server-splashpage
      ecadm: application/scn/ec-server-splashpage successfully stopped
      ecadm: Starting Enterprise Controller with SMFlite...
      /opt/sun/xvmoc/bin/ecadm: line 1180: 30174: Exceeded file size limit
      ecadm: ERROR: Error enabling service svc:/application/scn/db:remote (rc=281); continuing...
      ecadm: ... milestone "satellite-enable" successfully enabled
      ecadm: ... Waiting for Enterprise Controller services to go "online"
      ecadm: Enterprise Controller services have started
      # /opt/sun/xvmoc/bin/ecadm status

      Any one can help us??