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    OIM 11gR1: ICF SearchOp Interface


      We are using a custom ICF adapter to implement a connection to a custom back end system.

      The ICF .create, .update, and .delete functions work exactly as expected.

      The scheduled task to looking account information also works exactly as expected.

      Question however: What API would I call to invoke the ICF SearchOp function as a process task? Our back end system creates 2 unique IDs for every account that is provisioned. I need to get this unique ID (different than the __UID__) after the account is created.

      Can I put the recon API task as an process task? and perform a very targeted recon on just the user? Is there any other way to update just the one user, or even just one attribute on the form without invoking a full blown recon scheduled job?

      Thank you.
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          Karthik Perath

          You need to map class as oracle.iam.connectors.icfcommon.recon.SearchReconTask in the xml associated with the schedule task.
          When you run this schedule task this inturn calls the execute query on the SPI side.

          So you need to handle the code to send the response as putting all the recon info in the connector object and send back to the OIM API which inturn check the data and validate against the recon configuration and update the user that matches with the recon rule.

          Hope this helps