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    Ops Center Network

      Hi expert,

      I just install OC
      i have 2 proxy contoller: PC-A also become as EC and PC-B
      PC-A have network 230, 231 and 248
      PC-B have network 114 and 232

      i have various asset with network segment 115, 117, 246, 224 and so on that is not exist in both of PCs.
      i can ping and ssh to asset with network segment above from both of PCs.

      my question is :
      1. can we manage all asset segments, although their network segment don't exist in both PCs ? ...
      is there any impact to OS provisioning ?

      2. is it OK, if SP network managed by PC-A and OS network covered by PC-B (they all in same machine), they all are in different network segment ? ....
      for ex: Svr-A have SP network : 231 for SP and 114 for OS.
      it's happen in my environment, i have asset with SP network segment 231 that actually covered by PC-A, but it always run to PC-B.
      when i tried to migrate to PC-A from PC-B after discovery, OC said PC-A unreachable.
      i check with manual ping and ssh from PC-A, asset with segment 231 are reachable.

      for any help, i would thank you