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    How to add features(new product) to existing services

      Hi - Good wishes
      My scenario is like this -
      In OSM, we have cartridge to provision/activate wireline services -
      So, if we create new install order for wireline services - it'll be done fine.

      Now i would like to introduce new feature to wireline - like Voice mail box.
      To existing Wireline customer, if i want to activate voice mail box - how should i proceed?

      It is something like - Change order scenario and adding voice mail box to the existing wireline.

      In this case - how we should handle such orders?

      Is it advisable to create new Prod Specf - Voice mail box and proceed that way?
      or do we have any logic in associating this voice mail box product with Wireline.
      Because as per my above requirement, voice mail box can exists only if customer has wireline.

      Plz advise.