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    workflow timeout value

      Hi Experts,

      I am very new to workflow. I have created an attribute for timeout option for auto approval. I have to set value 28th of every month. How can i set this value in the attribute?

      Please help me.

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          Alejandro Sosa

          This is one option:
          1. Define a date attribute at item type level
          2. In Workflow Builder open the notification and select the Node tab. The in the Timeout panel select Item Attribute from the Type list and select the attribute from step 1
          3. When the workflow process gets started (or in the activity you choose) add a call to WF_ENGINE.SetItemAttrDate to set the value of the attribute of step1. Something like
          l_28th date;
          select trunc(sysdate, 'MM')+28 into l_28th;
          WF_ENGINE.SetItemAttrDate(<item type>, <item key>, <attr name>, l_28th);


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            Does anyone know the path to change the timeout for approval notification for iExpense?
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              Using the WF builder, you may need to change the timeout values from the "APPROVAL_REQUEST" notification under the "Request Approval Process"