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    Doubts with the new Drag&Drop in 11g


      We are thinking of upgrading from Content Server 7.6 to WebCenter Sites 11g, and are trying to analyze the new features included.

      In our sites we have users with roles and workflow to determine the possible actions of the users with the contents. I have been looking the official documentation but didn't found anything about restrictions applied to the new drag&drop feature (although we know you have to code it in the templates).

      ¿Do you know if there is any restriction in the new drag&drop related to assets and workflow?

      Ex.1: Imagine the user 'U1' has an asset 'A1' assigned, and the user 'U2' has no ownership of asset 'A1', but owns another asset 'A2'. If user 'U2' tries to drag&drop asset 'A1' on asset 'A2' (on a properly slot), will this work? there will be any problem?

      Ex.2: Imagine the user 'U1' has ownership of asset 'A1', but the asset 'A1' is on a workflow state in which the user can't modify it. I assume will not be possible to modify 'A1' directly, but will be possible to drag&drop asset 'A1' on another asset 'A2' that is owned by 'A1' and its not on workflow still?

      Thanks in advance,

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