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    Conflicting Receive Issue

      Hi ;

      I have to process. Ans that's use send and receive activity for their communication. I've call 2 sub-process from main process. But i have receive this error:

      ORABPEL-03810 Conflicting receive. A similar receive activity is being declared in the same process. Another receive activity or equivalent (currently, onMessage branch in a pick activity) has already been enabled with the partnerLink "CallSubProcess.reference", operation name "sendInfoToCallerProcess" and correlation set "" (or conversation ID). Appendix A - Standard Faults in the BPEL 1.1 specification specifies a fault should be thrown under these conditions. Redeploy the process after removing the conflicting receive activities.

      I haven't overcome that this issue yet. Are there anyone that facing this problem before? And, what's the solution way?