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    Custom Worklist Client

      Hello all

      I am trying to build custom Worklist , Until now i could access tasks attributes like Id,Number,Date .... but I am still having problem with access task page and display it in ADF application without BPM worklist app.

      Is there a way to get the task form page and display it in .jspx page?

      the below code is what I reached util now to access the task info :

      ITaskQueryService querySvc = wfSvcClient.getTaskQueryService();
      IWorkflowContext ctx =
      querySvc.authenticate("test2", "admin123".toCharArray(), null);
      List queryColumns = new ArrayList();
      List tasks =
      querySvc.queryTasks(ctx, queryColumns, null, //Do not query additional info
      ITaskQueryService.AssignmentFilter.MY, null, //No keywords
      null, //No custom predicate
      null, //No special ordering
      0, //Do not page the query result

      ITaskService taskSvc = wfSvcClient.getTaskService();
      for (int i = 0; i < tasks.size(); i++) {
      System.out.println("In task loop...");
      Task task = (Task)tasks.get(i);
      int taskNumber = task.getSystemAttributes().getTaskNumber();
      String title = task.getTitle();
      String taskId = task.getSystemAttributes().getTaskId();

      Thanks in advance.