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    Oracle BPM 11g -  Custom view  - Design Phase


      Does anyone know if you can create a custom view during the design phase (the way you do it in ALBPM 6.0 and oracle bpm 10g) so that users meeting the filter criiteria can then see the view in the BPM workspace. I don't want all users to create a custom view in the workspace, that will be a waste of time and moreover, it would be unfair on them to ask and create a custom view.


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          Daniel Atwood
          Hi Raj,

          If you log in as an administrator in the Workspace, when you create a view you can click the "Add to Standard Views" checkbox. If you do this, everyone will be able to use the view you create as one of the standard views in their list as well.

          OOTB the "weblogic" user has been assigned to the "Administrators" group in the weblogic administration console. As a result, if you log in as the user "weblogic", you'll be able to create these standard views.