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    FDM Map issue


      We hv a situation in FDM. We are planning to have our map files in below format.


      'Code' is a 3 digit number which defines the map type. eg: 111- explict, 112-between,113-In etc.

      Based on the code type, the file needs to be loaded to FDM.

      I'm just wondering if this can be acheived using script 'BefImportMap' which picks the value of column1 and load map for the sepcific map type.If yes, can someone throw some light on this as to how to go for it.

      Also, can you give me any info..if we can load maps from database directly to FDM instead of external files

      Thanks in advance

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          All the maps for a location in FDM are loaded from a single file it doesn't seperate them by type. The type of map is only broken out in the web interface for ease of navigation. The type of map is implied in the source value so you don't need a code telling FDM which map type to load it to i.e. single value will always be explict, 2 values seperated by a comma a between map, value using wildcards a like map etc
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            Thanks for reply.But i'm little confused..may be not getting properly.We will not be having file which will have value using wildcards for a like map . If it's a like map we will have something like 114,Source,Target..when you import this file,we should hv this loaded as like mapping in file.
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              Unless your source value has wild cards in it then it is not Like mapping in the context of FDM. I advise that you read the FDM admin guide to clarify your understanding of how FDM interprets mappings and base your mapping input on that. What you are currently trying to do is incompatible with the FDM mapping model / architecture.
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                ok..got it..I hv one more question..can we connect to database and load maps from database directly instead of ext. files like .txt and excel. (Considering we hv table with Source,Target format in database).

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                  You can do this but it would involve writing some custom web scripts which you could then link to a FDM Taskflow entry. I would seriously consider using the native out-of-the-box methods available, they are user friendly, don't require any custom code, and is supported by Oracle (any custom map import will not be). At the end of the day the central repositoey for the mappings will be the FDM database and they can be maintained directly there.