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    Oracle Access Manager - 11gR2

      I am looking for some advice regarding Oracle Access Manager - 11gr2 -

      For a successful install of Oracle Access Manager, am I required to Install SOA (Parts 1 and 2)?

      Also is web-gates a necessary pre-requisite and component required for the successful installation of OAM

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          SOA is not required for OAM.

          You can install webgate after installation of OAM.
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            SOA is not required. WebGate is a separate installation, separate from where you install the Oracle Access Manager.
            Oracle Access Manager is like the management station, WebGate would typically be installed on a host where a Web Server is running. So WebGate running on the WebServer host would be used to provide access control functions for web pages hosted on Web Server. You will have to do the configuration of WebGate separately after Access Manager has been installed. Please mark answer helpful/correct if helpful.