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    Group-Role Mapping OBIEE

      I have created some groups in console. Let the groups be
      A, B, C and D.
      Now I want to create a role call it Manager and map A,B, C and D groups to Manager role in EM. And then give permissions (like Dashboard access) on Manager role.

      When I try to map A,B,C and D to Manager role and check for user that belongs to group A, in his My Account, I don't see Manager role listed there.
      But if I create roles A,B,C and D and map them to groups A,B,C and D respectively. And then map A,B,C and D role to Manager role, then in the user's My Account, I see Manager role.

      1) What could be the problem? Is it necessary that group name and the role name to which it is mapped be same?
      2) Is there any way to automate mapping group from console to role in EM? We are planning to populate groups from a database table (around 2000 groups) and mapping them to roles would be very time consuming.

      Please help.