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    Checking in Server Variables causes BI server to hang.

      Hi all,

      Noticing a strange issue keeps reoccurring when trying to check in dynamic repository variables (Online Mode).

      The RPD will freeze and the BI Server will hang causing errors in OBIEE. Its easy enough to fix the error by ending the nqsserver task in the box, but I was wondering if anyone knows what causes this? or knows of any preventative measures - as its a bit of a pain. Is this just a bug? As I notice sometimes it will happen just from opening the variable manager in the rpd even if nothing has been changed.


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          Since Repository variables are initialize during service start in your case during check in or save. you are doing changes online mode BI server is trying to set the value for all user who are logged in.

          During online very minimum changes are suggestible, not these kind.

          I dont think its bug or any other and the behavior is expected.

          Let me know if you have any questions, if helps mark.