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    Osman AKDEMIR
      Hi All,

      After upgrading Apex 4.2 I started to get error LAYOUT.T_ITEM_EXCEEDS_MAX for the page where we have more than 200 fields. Due to some reasons our client required some pages with more than 200 fields and we created a kind of AJAX callback to manage DML action. And it was working perfectly with previous version. But now we are getting the error.

      Is there anyway to turn-off this error?

      The code it causes the error is "apex_plugin.get_input_name_for_page_item(FALSE);"

      If I turn this off then it works ok. But I want to know whether there is an another solution or not for this.

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          The documented component limit is 200 items per page. Prior to 4.2 this limit was 100 - perhaps they have tightened this in certain areas for reasons that we don't need to be aware of.

          I've found sometimes the limit is tolerated, other times it is not.

          I'd call this expected behaviour.


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