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    Exception = [JMSClientExceptions:055142]Foreign destination

      In two servers two web logic instances are running and both servers have Queue Connection managers which is connecting to the same queue

      A scheduler runs after a equal interval in both weblogic servers and puts a message to the queue.

      9 out of 10 times it works fine ,but sometime the following error is encountered while creating sender


      Exception = [JMSClientExceptions:055142]Foreign destination, queue://ABC/a?targetClient=1

      Any clues
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          From what you described, I have got the impression that you are running an application (say the scheduler) on WebLogic server to send messages to a 3rd party JMS provider. The exception tells me that your connection is established to the WebLogic JMS server while you are supposed to connect to the foreign provider. Are you using WebLogic foreign JMS server configuration to map the 3rd party resources into the WebLogic JNDI tree? If so can you post your foreign JMS server configuration for the connection factories and destinations?
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            Especially you need to check if the local jndi name of the connection factory in the Foreign JMS Server is the same as the jndi name of any of the regular connection factories including the default connection factories on the WebLogic servers.