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    Performance issue when running in maximized screen mode

      We have around 4 table views in our JavaFx (2.2.4) application and they are loaded on demand.
      Our default size of the stage occupies about 3/4th of the area on a 22 inch desktop screen (Windows XP).

      Everything is fine until the user clicks on the maximize button (now occupies the full-screen), and things start to go really sluggish when the user scrolls up and down the table view. Memory consumption increases temporarily but comes down and stabilizes. CPU utilization is only around 30% during that time. The data in the tableview is not much either, we display around 100 columns per row and there are around 1000 rows at the most.

      When we minimize the application, it goes back to its normal behavior.
      Can someone explain what could be the issue? Is it the graphics card? Or are there any known performance issues with the tableview/fx observable list implementation?

      Profiler points to the observable list as the culprit, when we take a heap dump and analyze, but we are not sure how to tune that.

      If you have faced similar issues, or have any tips, please let us know.