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    OBIEE 11g: how to automate browser clearing cache


      We upgraded OBIEE 10g to 11g the implementation includes EBS SSO ( which works in 10g).
      the SSO functions OK meaning when we login from ERP Bussiness selection responsibilities to the OBIEE dashboard page we can access it and the login succeed.

      The thing is that when we change the responsibility to another responsibility the Application role of the user does not updated and the old role ( the user get again the first role that was assigned in the first login ) meaning the role was not changed with the new responsibility.

      I think that browser cache find OBIEE session and connect to the session without call /* valueof(NQ_SESSION.ACF) */ APP_SESSION.validate_icx_session('valueof(NQ_SESSION.ICX_SESSION_COOKIE)')

      So, to automate browser clearing cache ?

      Thank you
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          Veeresh Rayan
          Its not browser cache which gets affected.Its about changing OBIEE responsibility frequently that makes BI server to get confused.

          Old session has to be killed before it starts the new session to assign new application role.This will be controlled by one parameter(don't remember exactly just google) and needs to be set properly.

          Meaning even you logged out from the BI the session still persists in the BI server.You can check it by opening RPD and sessions and see the old session still exists.

          Mark helpfull if it helps or correct.

          Veeresh Rayan
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            Thank you Veeresh,

            I think this situation is due to a feature of Weblogic

            "+The browser caches user credentials and frequently re-sends them to the server automatically. This can give the appearance that WebLogic Server sessions are not being destroyed after logout or timeout. Depending on the browser, the credentials can be cached just for the current browser session, or across browser sessions.+"


            I understand the advantage that helps to not make the login process more unnecessary. But I have to disable the feature, otherwise the end-user will not be able to change permission on BI /ERP responsibility and will have totally close the browser. The question is how to disable it (Weblogic feature) ?

            Thank you,