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    nls_language not able to set at database level

      I am wokring on AIX.
      We need to create a database with nls_language=icelandic and nls_territory=iceland and nls_characterset=we8mswin1252.
      While creating database we choose same ,but after creation when we checked nls_database_parameters it is showing
      nls_language=american and nls_territory=america ....

      we tried to change in pfile and spfile but it is showing changes in nls_session_parameters and nls_instance_parameters but not in database level..

      Is that we can not create database with characterset=we8mswin1252 and choose language=celandic and territory=iceland..?

      becasue we checked multiple times settings while creating database...but database was created with american language..

      any idea..?