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    XDD Vs Offset file usage -Which is better approach


      We are designing a new workspace (on Documaker 11.5) for a client sending a flat file input. To reduce the impact of offset driven changes we are planning to use either of the below:

      1) XDD
      2) OFFSET.DAT file for which we can update AFGJOB.JDT with folowing rules.

      Based on the copybook/layout of the incoming file we should be able to build a XDD or OFFSET.DAT file.

      The reason I am asking this question is we already have some experience with offset file approach, and we wanted to explore if XDD is a better approach from maintanance perspective.

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          Mr Peabody-Oracle
          The XDD extract mapping method is standard support.

          The OFFSET.DAT file you mention was a pseudo-custom implementation originally submitted by CSC/PMSC for their customers. It was added to the product as a curtesy and not really promoted as a mainstream feature (if that is a good term). As such, that feature is not specifically targeted by QA testing or included in internal regression results. I'm not even sure it is documented. I doubt you would be able to get much help (or quickly) via Support if you had questions.

          Therefore, the official recommendation would be to use the XDD, but if you have experience with the OFFSET.DAT method and are comfortable with the functionality, then the feature should still be available.