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    Apply CPU before upgrade?

      We are upgrading from to as well as applying the October CPU within the same outage. We are installing the oracle binaries ahead of time outside of the outage. Is there any reason we can't apply the October CPU to the binaries we install prior to upgrading the DB, to save outage time? Should we still run catbundle after the upgrade or would the changes it makes be included in the steps that the upgrade performs?
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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          Yes you can apply the CPU (now renamed to SPU) ahead of time, then run any post install scripts in the CPU after the upgrade is completed. See this MOS Doc

          Best approach for Oracle database patching sequence to latest/required patchset along with CPU/PSU/any-other-one-off patch [ID 865255.1]

          Oracle recommends that you apply the latest PSU instead - PSUs includes CPUs/SPUs and are also released quarterly. Pl be aware that once you apply a PSU, you will need to continue to apply PSUs in the future (you cannot apply CPUs/SPUs).


          Quick Reference To Patch Numbers For Database PSU, SPU(CPU) And Bundle Patches [ID 1454618.1]
          Quick Reference to RDBMS Database Patchset Patch Numbers [ID 753736.1]

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            Yes, post upgrade run catbundle.sql psu apply