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    Portal 10g upgrade fails with INST-07285 in config.sh

      Hi, I have installed a OFM with OID, OAM, Discoverer, Portal, Forms, Reports. The task is to export all datas from my OAS to the new OFM. That works for OID, SSO -> OAM, but not for Portal. I know, Portal export/import is only possible between same versions and so I have to migrate portal 10g to 11g. After database upgrade to and middletier software installation I start the config.sh. In this program the 10g portal schema is required, but this fails with INST-07285. The recommended solution in Metalink Note 876470.1 is not helpful.
      Any ideas ?
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          Erik Janssen-Oracle
          Steps below should fix the issue :
          <li>Connect to the Portal metadata repository database as SYS user
          <li>Run the following PL/SQL block :
          -- TO RUN WITH SYSTEM
          l_version varchar2(128);
          select version into l_version from portal.wwc_version$;
          insert into schema_version_registry
          START_TIME,MODIFIED) values ('PORTAL','Oracle Application Server Portal',
          'APPSERVER','APPSERVER','APPSERVER','PORTAL',l_version ,'VALID','Y',
          to_timestamp('11-FEB-10 AM','DD-MON-RR HH.MI.SS.FF AM'),
          to_timestamp('11-FEB-10 PM','DD-MON-RR HH.MI.SS.FF AM')
          <li>Repeat config.sh