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    Determine the size of EDI payload data

      Hi Experts,

      As far as my B2B Knowledge is concerned, in order to know the size of an EDI payload... we download the payload from wire message or payload, copy the data and paste it in a file. The size of the file determines the EDI payload size.

      But, this is a tedious task, particularly in cases where there are huge number of EDI data. To far as I know, the size of EDI files ranges from 1 MB to 1GB.

      Please advise what should I do in cases of files with large payload sizes(more than 25MB).
      Please advise if there is any B2B table whose one of the columns depicts the size of the payload.

      I have searched through some b2b table as b2b_messageinstance, b2b.ip_b2b_report but could not find any such columns.

      Please advise what exactly the procedure is to determine the size of EDI payload data, particularly for cases where payload data is larger than 25 MB.