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    How to provision an account on OUD LDAP using LDAP generic connector?

      I'm almost a newbie regarding OIM (R2 and I'm trying to learn it, so I think this is definitely a newbie question (please forgive me).

      At present I'm trying to provision an user from OIM to an Application Instance of Oracle Unified Directory 11gR2 (
      I've carefully followed the path to install generic LDAP connector (ODSEE/OUD/LDAPV3 Connector, to create IT Resource and Application Instance and to run Lookup reconciliation jobs.
      No error messages here.

      Then, using OIM Self Service GUI, I've created an user and asked for "Request Accounts".
      After Add to Cart and Checkout, on Cart Details in Catalog I tried to define "Container DN" as pointing to "ou=people,dc=example,dc=com" (using ODSM interface I've previously created ou "people" under the base container "dc=example,dc=com").
      I've seen an Oracle example suggesting to search for "MYOUD~people", where MYOUD is the Application Instance name, but in my case the search doesn't return anything.
      Same thing if I try to write "ou=people,dc=example,dc=com" into "Container DN" field.
      So I've left that field blank and started provisioning anyway but on the Account tab the Status for that operation is since then stuck to "Provisioning" (that doesn't surprises me ...).

      Any hints?
      Which mistakes I've made? Had I forgot something?
      How could I check if OUD server is correctly integrated with OIM?
      I tried to check it using Design Console, too, but I'm not skilled enough with the tool.