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    Profiler info not displaying

      I have a package function (pipelined) that has several profiler runs created by DBMS_HPROF. All the expected run data appears to be in the dbmshp* tables.
      SqlDeveloper does not show any of this run information under the Profiler tab for the package/function that is profiled; the original runs were profiled in sqlplus, then a couple runs were created through sqldeveloper. Neither the sqlplus runs nor the sqldeveloper runs show as runs in sqldeveloper, no runs show in sqldeveloper.

      That is, I highlight the package spec and refresh the profiler tab - nothing displays, I highlight the package body and refresh the profiler tab - still nothing, I highlight the package function and refresh the profiler tab - still nothing, I highlight another function that is called within the package and refresh the profiler tab - still nothing. But, if I highlight a different package that is called from one I am profiling, I see run data for that package.

      I should emphasize that the dbmshp* tables do show the run data for the package calls I am interested in.

      Is sqldeveloper unable/unwilling to show these package runs?

      As a comparison, TOAD does show some of the information in its profiler display, whereas sqldeveloper shows none for the same run. I should add that for the pipelined function, I need to wrap the call in an anonymous block for TOAD to display the data, as opposed to "select * from table(pipelined function)" - but it does display.

      I've used plshprof on the output file, and the html shows all the profiled run data - but it's use and display is somewhat inconvenient.

      The only piece that seems off is sqldeveloper - what do I need to do to have it display profiler runs for profiled package calls?