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    Restrict Certain Entities From Being Loaded in a Location

      A client wants to share maps across 10 different locations in FDM but is concerned that a location could accidentally load the wrong entity. I am trying to come up with the best way to do this.

      Mapping is not an option since the mapping is shared across all locations.

      Right now I am thinking I can specify separate import formats for each location and assign an import script that will ignore anything other than the correct entity. Is there a better way to do this?
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          First what is the reason that a location has to be linked to an entity as this will impact how you handle this. For example, if it because you only want a user to see data for a certain entity then you can restrict access via the FDM security model. Also the security setttings on the target system should preclude the user being able to load data to an incorrect entity as FDM respects the target system security model.
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