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    How to get muliple teaser images using assetset:getmultiplevalues?

      1. I have created a template called sample and Names it as sample.jsp
      2. In the subTypes i selected a pageDefinition which i created alrady with the following page attributes
           1.teaserImager 2.teaserText
           Both attributes are Multiple
      3. I then created a asset HomePage of asset type Page.
      4. For that HomePage i applied a template sample which i created in Step 1.
      5.I added 4 teaser images and teser texts in the contributor interface
      6. In eclipse i am trying to modify sample.jsp to fetch the teaser images using assetset:getmultiplevalues. But no success?

      Could anybody tell me how to fetch the teaser images using getmultplevalues?

      Below is the code which is not working, just for ref.

      <render:logdep cid='<%=ics.GetVar("tid")%>' c="Template" />
      <assetset:setasset name="home" type="Page" id='<%=ics.GetVar("cid")%>' />

      <assetset:getattributevalues name="home" attribute="teaserImages" listvarname="teasersImg" typename="PageAttribute" />

      *<assetset:getmultiplevalues name="home" list="teasersImg" prefix="sample" />*
      *<ics:listloop listname="sample:value">*
                     *<insite:calltemplate tname="Detail" c="AVIImage"*
                          cid='<%=ics.GetVar("imageId")%>' assettype="Page"
                          assetid='<%=ics.GetVar("cid")%>' field="teasersImg" index="1" />

      Above code gives me the exception saying
      Exception in doEndTag() in tag com.openmarket.gator.jsp.assetset.Getmultiplevalues in page 'avisports/Page/InsiteLayout' in element 'Page/InsiteLayout' errno: -13102 errdetail: 0
      com.openmarket.basic.interfaces.AssetException: Can't find attribute type: 1330543072207


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