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    Android Port of OVDC

      Dear All,

      Just wondering if anyone knows whether there is likely to be an Android port of the OVDC at some point in the future?


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          Bjoern Rost
          Actually, this was released just last week. I wrote about it (in the update section) here: http://portrix-systems.de/blog/brost/ovdc-1-2-for-ipad-released/

          Or you can download directly from here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/sunrayproducts/downloads/index.html

          We have tried this on several phones and it did work ok. Just was not very usable on a tiny screen and we have not tried this on an android tablet yet.

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            Hi Chris,

            Actually, this is already available.


            Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for Android 1.2


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              This is very usable on my Sony Xperia tablet using bluetooth mouse and keyboard, but both my bluetooth keyboard and the onscreen keyboard just produce a '6' in a cmd window, no matter which key I press.
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                Dave Smulsky
                We tested this on both Motorola Xoom tablets, and even the little $50 Android MiniTV boxes that are a dime a dozen on the internets now. Both work very well.