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    Error when running a workflow


      I am trying to deploy a workflow. But when I try to run the workflow on the instance I get this error.


      WF_PLSQL_ERROR (ERRNAME=WFENG_ITEM_ACTIVITY_STATUS) (ERRMESSAGE=3101: Status row for item 'XXOKCREP/B-123', activity ID '810651' does not exist.) (ERRSTACK= Wf_Item_Activity_Status.Set_Error(XXOKCREP, B-123, 810651, #EXCEPTION) Wf_Engine_Util.Execute_Activity(XXOKCREP, B-123, 810651, RUN) Wf_Engine_Util.Process_Activity(XXOKCREP, B-123, 810651, 50) Wf_Engine_Util.Complete_Activity(XXOKCREP, B-123, 810665, #NULL) Wf_Engine_Util.Execute_Activity(XXOKCREP, B-123, 810665, RUN) Wf_Engine_Util.Process_Activity(XXOKCREP, B-123, 810665, 50) Wf_Engine_Util.Start_Process_Internal(XXOKCREP, B-123) Wf_Engine.StartProcess(XXOKCREP, B-123))

      Can you please help.