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    Data Indexing Size

      I am working on ATG 10.1.1 Endeca 3.1.1 integration. I have an input XML from ATG to Endeca which has around 300,000 product records. Out of these, there are several product records which have more than one color property and each color having a different price associated.

      If the unique products are considered without the color and price properties then the total product records are around 50,000.

      Is it recommended to feed in the 300,000 product records directly from ATG into Endeca CAS, or should I send across the product details as a separate feed and color|Product|Price information as another separate feed to CAS. In the later approach I will merge both the feeds based on primary keys in the Endeca pipeline, before the data is sent to Forge for indexing?

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          it sounds like you'd prefer speed even if customization. If you want to customize the feeds from ATG to CAS, then you can push product and pricing information separately. Indexing the data in Endeca may be a bit faster since the amount of time for read from CAS will be a lot quicker in this approach.

          If you prefer no customizations to ATG feed process, then you'd push the entire data set to CAS. The benefit to this approach is that you'd leave the Endeca pipeline unmodified and the data is in a ready-to-be-indexed form without needing any additional joins.
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            What's the max limit of product records we can index through ATG.