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    Import (datapump) Script

      I'm trying to import data file which is in csv format in that i have four column "Account", "Entity", "Cost Center", "Debit total bal." and "Credit total bal". In debit and credit column if debit is "o" there there is value for credit and vice versa both are not zero at same time . when i import it i got only values from debit column and that is also only non zero (avoid zero values for debit too ) . I cant understand why its avoiding credit values ?

      In CSV file format how we can use DRCRSplit ? Is it possible through Import(DataPump) Script ?

      Expected Result is = In amount column there should be value which is non zero either it is debit or credit.

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          Yes, you can do this with an import script. Place it on the Amount field and when the debit field evaluates to 0 return the credit field value in its place.
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            Hi, SH

            Can you plz show me sample script for this ?

            Thanking you in advance .
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              Function AddDRCR(strField, strRecord)
              'Oracle Hyperion FDM DataPump Import Script:
              'Created By: admin
              'Date Created: 2/12/2013 8:05:08 AM
              Dim Dr,Cr,tot



              Dr1 = CDbl(Dr)

              Cr1 = CDbl(Cr)


              MsgBox (tot)


              End Function

              This is I'm trying plz suggest me where im going wrong in this script ?

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                Whet error is this script generating? Is it attached the Amount field in the import format?