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    Don't know how to find "connect string" when opening Oracle Designer

      Hi, I want to install Oracle Designer for demonstration purposes, I only need just a working Oralce Designer. I downloaded Oracle Designer 10gR2 but when I tried to install it, it said I need to install Oracle Developer suite, so I downloaded Oracle Developer Suite 10g ( It had dick 1 and 2 zipped files, I unzipped and installed them. Then I tried to install Oracle Designer 10gR2 again, but it said operating system version failed. I don't know if it meant this, My OS is windows 7 32bit, anyway I couldn't install the Designer 10gR2. While I was browsing the start menu, I found there is a Oracle Designer already installed when I installed developer suite. I tried to start that, then it gave me a connect screen, asking for the username, password and connect string. The version of the designer in the backgroued showed it was 10g. I cannot access designer without passing through this screen. Figured out I need a database, so I installed Oracle Ex to the same computer. But still I don't know what my connect string should be. The documentry says the username should be SYSTEM and the password is what I entered during installation, I know those two; what I don't know is the connect string.

      Is there anyway that I can open the designer otherthan the steps I followed? If not, How can I find this Connect String? Please help me, I have no idea.

      Thank you very much.