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    Re: Supervisor manager Unable to view the appraisal


      I am using the standard workflow for Oracle Performance Management. After the appraisal gives final rating, it goes to manager's supervisor....

      Supervisor manager Unable to view the appraisal of the employee.

      1.     Employee fills their own appraisals, weighting and supervisor competencies - - sent for evaluation by Supervisor
      2.     Received by the Supervisor
      3.     Evaluation carried out by the supervisor / employee - approved (can here be returned for correction/rejected to employee)
      4.     Supervisor's manager receives only a notification of the above.

      Please provide the valuable solution.

      Waiting for the update.

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          Please check the flow below

          1) Appraiser created Appraisal and after final gradings it will go to Appraiser manager

          2) Appraiser manager will get notification on his work list and he can just Approve that

          3) Will get notification in Appraiser work list , and here Appraiser can approve the Appraisal.

          Hope all these steps are went in same way in ur Appraisal case.

          If u have any issues please check or track the notification details in Work flow tables and to check the
          transaction please check transaction tables of HRMS , u wll get some clue .

          Even after sending the Appraisal for 2up , still i think we have option to
          retrieve the Apprasail back.

          Is the Appraiser manager have his role correct in wf_roles and its active .Please check all these cases

          Will get some clue with these details