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    [BIApps7.9.6.4Upgrade]Informatica Workflow for migrating doesn't work

      Hi grus,

      I'm upgrading from BI-Apps7.9.6.3 to
      When I migrate the data into the Upgraded Data Warehouse (which is described at in e35270.pdf(upgrade guide doc)),
      I cannot run the workflow ( which name is UPGRADE_DIMENTION and is set by 7964_UPG_PARAM.txt) for migrating in Informatica workflow manager,
      (I select the "Start Workflow" right-clicked menu on UPGRADE_DIMENTION in workflow manager, but there is no run task in workflow monitor)

      In the document,
      "Before running the Upgrade Dimentions, First make sure you have given PROPER Source and Target Connections in Workflow Manager"

      There is a PARAM_OLAP( this is for target) and PARAM_OLTP_ORAR12 (this is for source)
      in both Workflow manager Relational Connection Browser and 7964_UPG_PARAM.txt.

      And informatica help says that Connect String in Relational Database Connectioins is same as TNSNAMES entry(*1).
      But I don't know "PROPER connections" at where should I use.

      Where should I use the TNS entry?(Informatica server? DAC Server? Informatica Client?)
      Does anyone met a similar situation?

      (*1)In my environment, RDBMS is ORACLE both source and target.

      Best Regards,
      Takashi Matsugi