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    Setting page layout in Reports 6i doesn't work, gap gets to big.

      We are forced to use good old' Oracle Reports 6i because another application uses this to create its forms and reports. The problem is, that we want to print those reports on continuous paper with specific measures. In millimetres it would be 210 mm x 305 mm. We already set the measures of the main part report to those specifications, but it appears that this wasn't enough.

      If the report is printed straight from Reports 6i, the first page is all ok, but the second one has an offset of about 10 mm. This offset gets higher on every page, so approximately on page 4, the page is already partly on the next page of the continuous paper. This problem really drives me crazy.

      I have studied this forum for a whole afternoon, but I couldn't find an answer. I have read many posts regarding the margin "bug" of Reports 6i, which seems to influence this particular report. As I am completely new to reports and Reports 6i in particular, I would love to get a helping hand here at the forums. Maybe someone can support me here.

      Many thanks in advance!