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    Depends On Resource stay in Waiting state after reconciliation


      I've come up with the following issue (which i though was handled ootb).

      I have resource A which depends on resource B.

      On user creation 1 access policy trigger provisioning of resource A. At the end of the creation, resource A is in waiting state.

      Then we reconcile resource B account which appear in provisioned/enabled state in OIM. But resource A stay in waiting state.

      If i revoke and re assign resource A access policy role, provisioning is fired.

      Is there a way to have reconciliated resource fire provisioning for dependent resource ?
      We are running on OIM11gR1 BP05.

      Ps : i've found this topic about the subject but it's on an older version of OIM. I haven't been able to found anything relevant in patch notes
      OIM - Issue with "Depends On" Objects

      Thanks in advance!