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    'Value' dimension in FDM


      We are loading data to HFM via FDM.We have FDM data file which has multiple records with various currencies based on entities.
      Our locations in FDM are not entity based. They are based on our ERP sources. For one ERP source,we hv defined one location. Datafile for this ERP has multiple entities with various currencies.

      If location is entity based, we select 'Value' based on entity local currency. But in our situation, we are confused as what to be selected for Value dimension since we can hv only one value member selected for location. Any suggestions on this...

      Thanks in advance
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          There should be no confusion here. The value dimension will be set to <Entity Currency> for all entities so it doesn't matter if you load numerous entities via the same location which have different local currencies as they will be loaded into HFM against the correct currency for thier asscoaieted target entity.