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    How to Configure Job Agents in BI 11g

      Hi Everyone:
      Our company is new to OBIEE 11g, and I'm new to the forum, so I'm hoping I'm at the right place to seek answers (and more importantly LEARN) from those on this forum.

      I'm trying to learn how to setup/configure a test job agent in OBIEE. Using the built-in help function, I figured out how to set up a Job Agent to stream successfully in our QA environment but I get no output in my Exchange inbox (We have an Exchange 2010 server). I tried telling the agent (which I configured to only send me a simple analysis report daily as a test), but it's still not coming through. I have admin access to our weblog servers (if that matters) and I'm logged in as BIAdmin when streaming the agent as well.

      I need some assistance in where I start the troubleshooting process, as well as for someone to kindly explain what happens (technically behind the scenes) when an agent is streamed. Does the agent request then get passed from the OBIEE to the BI Presentation or scheduling server?
      If so, how? I'm also assuming (if the request does get passed from OBIEE -> another server, that this secondary server would need to have an IP relay address set up that would point the request to our Exchange server? Are there other parameters or configurations I need to put into place to enable this functionality for our users?

      Thank you very much in advance for any help or reference to documentation that I can review.