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    EPM services fails to restart

      I have a simple script that stops and starts the services (of Oracle Hyperion)

      # scheduled_restart.sh



      sleep 1200


      I have scheduled it for every night and it does run, however there is an issue with database connectivity afterwards:

      When i try to open a BQY file in IR web client and run a query, It fails to execute, and shows one of the following errors:

      1. SQL*NET not loaded successfully
      2. Failed to access DAS
      3. Unknown error related to DasComm brio

      But when i run stop.sh and start.sh manually, there is no such issue.

      So apparently there is an issue with how those scripts run in cron.

      Here's the output from crontab -l (for oracle user)

      00 02 * * * /usr/bin/sh /export/home/oracle/scheduled_restart.sh

      Could someone please advise on the problem? Thanks.
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          The way the scripts run is a little different depending on the permission levels provided for the corntab

          try this in crontab and see what kind of error is generated,

          02 02 * * * /apps/hyperion/Planning/scripts<Your PAth> /StartupScript.sh 1> /apps/hyperion/Planning/logs/startup.out 2> /apps/hyperion/Planning/logs/startup.err

          Let me know what you have found in the log and see

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