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    JWS Malformed URL Exception

      I recently deployed a desktop app using JWS. On my first deployment, I faced this exception - "Java.net.MalformedURLException . no protocol . socket". I resolved this, by changing my network settings to Direct Connection via Java Control Panel. Cool. But when I deploy this to customer sites, I don't want the users to face this exception. The users being users, I don't want them opening Java control panel (if they have JDK, that too) and do all this workaround.
      My question is, is there a way to avoid this problem, on my side via JNLP or java code? What is the root cause here?

      I used JRE 6 for my entire development. But when it came to deployment, I upgraded to JRE/JDK 7. Does this bug have something to do with backward compatibility?

      Thanks for the suggestions,
      Sanjeev Mk