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    Can we copy the already created Configuration Item in ATO Model

    L S P..
      Hi all,

      We have the requirement for copy the Existing configurator ATO items into new model. i.e. Customer will congifured the model in istore process flow to create a sale order. After that for second sales order customer don't want to make same configuration so added interface for copying the existing configuration. In this process we are facing following issue.

      Steps we are followed for copying the existing ATO models:

      =>First we find the existing configuration's for already created ato model.
      =>Then we copied the existing model configuration into new configuration using cz_cfg_api.copy_configuration API.
      =>After that we are passing new configuration detail, model line details and sub item detail into ASO_QUOTE_LINES_PVT.Insert_Quote_Line_Rows API.
      =>This API's will made the appropriate entry in 'ASO_QUOTE_LINES_ALL' and 'ASO_QUOTE_LINE_DETAILS', line_relation tables.

      After the all process when we looking into the cart page the model and model sub-items are created as separate lines.

      It was not converted as ATO model.

      Please help.