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    CAVS is verifying the response against the end service xsd

      Hi Experts,

      I noticed a behavior while using CAVS, I was using CAVS to simulate a BRM op code service.

      I created the CAVS simulator giving it the expected input and expected output.

      In the expected output , accidently I passed extra element which was not present in the BRM response xsd.

      I noticed that the response was sent from CAVS successfully. but the BRM service was not receiving it.

      This was happening due to extra element in the response(CAVS).

      But I was under the impression that extra tags (element ) in the response would not get validated against the xsd.

      Please advice if the behavior is as designed meaning validation should/does take place for response mapping as well.

      To summarize, my question is:
      In the CAVS response, if there are few extra element sent which are not present in the end service xsd, should it accept or not?