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    jQuery Mobile - Form Fields not updated when revisit after Save-Submit

      Hi folks,

      In our application, that works with the 4.2-jQuery Mobile Smartphone UI, we have 4 pages with lots of form field elements.

      Now on one of those pages (lets say P30) the strange thing happens, that after I make changes to the data and save - normal APEX submit process(!) - or enter new data and save them (create new record), then when I select another record in a listview on a previous page, that takes me to that Page 30, the fields are not updated. Note this only happens after an Apex-submit process. When I change the records via the listview via using the "back" functionality from Jquery Mobile, and without having submitted anything, the data in the input fields and selects and radios is all updated correctly.

      What takes me from the listview to Page 30 is handeled via javascript:
      apex.navigation.redirect('f?p='+ $v('pFlowId') +':20:' + $v('pInstance') + '::::P20_GEB_ID:' + gebId );
      I have also tried the jQuery Mobile method
      $.mobile.changePage('f?p='+ $v('pFlowId') +':20:' + $v('pInstance') +'::::P20_GEB_ID,P20_DISABLEEDIT:' + (gebId > 0 ? gebId : '' ) 
                  , {  reloadPage:true })
      ... with no difference. Maybe I should also try going to that page via a href...

      This fetch row process on Page 30 I have set up myself, the others I had the wizard create them. But on all settings the fetch row precesses are the same. Can this also be a jQuery Mobile issue? Unfortunately I am quite new to that.

      Now I could try to recreate the entire page with the wizard, or setup row fetch processes for other tables on new pages, but there are really a lot of fields on the page, with a lot of work already in them.

      I hope, that anyone here is familiar with working with jQuery Mobile in Apex and can think of a reason, where this problem occurs.

      This all runs on intranet, so I can't post a link. I have already set up a test scenario on the oracle Apex Test ream. There also everything works, so it makes no sense to post the link to that here. But if you need any further information please let me know. To solve this is critical for the further planing of how we run the developement.

      Thanks in advance for all help,

      with best regards,