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    Error Mail Merge Aborted due to error in creating the Mail Merge DataSource

      Dear All,

      please help me with this problem (Oracle release 12.0.4.)

      1. PROBLEM:
      When attempting to extract data, using Web ADI in HRMS, Word is selected as the viewer, but an Excel spreadsheet is generated rather than a MS Word document containing the data. Also error "Mail Merge Aborted due to error in creating the Mail Merge Data Source." appears on screen.
      We are using MS Office 2003.

      2. PROBLEM:
      Unable to create data source from HR form PAYWSLEE.

      We are using custom integrator. This integrator is attached to form function. Form function is attached to responsibility. We also created the layout.
      The next step would be to create data source from form PAYWSLEE, but we are not able to perform this...

      In release 11i we used this form (PAYWSLEE) to create datasource (for mailmerge), but in R12 this is not working... Something is missing here and I need your help to determine what. I checked the most documents on Oracle Support and didn't find solution for this problem...

      Please advise.
      Kind Regards,