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    Directory content seems to disappear after single user mode reboot

      Good morning,
      I have a machine (SUN T5120, solaris 10), that contained a filesystem, called "/backup".
      I have a document that describes every step, but in the directory "/osp/tmp".

      So I have replaced "/backup" by "/osp" in "/etc/vfstab", and I have done "mv /backup /osp".
      Everything went well: in "df -hk" I could see "/backup" being replaced by "/osp".

      Then I have created subdirectory "/osp/tmp" and followed the rest of the procedure, until the step where I needed to reboot in single user mode:
      After having restarted in single user mode, the directory /osp" still exists, but all contents (including "/osp/tmp") seem to be gone, which means:
      single user mode:
      # cd /osp/tmp
      tmp: does not exist
      multi user mode:
      # cd /osp/tmp
      # pwd
      How is this possible and how can I make the content of my directory visible again, even in single user mode?

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