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    Weblogic Topic - Producer in Weblogic PS2 and Consumer in PS5--Messag Bridg

      Hi All,

      Our Requirement is:
      1. We have a JMS Topic in Weblogic PS2 (http://d812-soa-01d:7001/console domain soa_domain).
      2. There is a producer(SOA Composite) deployed in Weblogic PS2.
      3. There is a consumer (SOA Composite) deployed in Weblogic PS5 (http://d812-soa-01d:8001/console domain soa_domainps5).

      We are able to produce the message to Topic from producer. But, consumer in PS5 is not consuming it.

      I have tested by creating a dummy consumer2 in PS2 and it can consume the message.

      Problem here is both PS2 and PS5 are on same physical machine except that the port and domains are different.

      Do i have to use Mesaging bridge in this requirement, if yes could any one please explain me the messaging bridge.


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          Dongbo Xiao-Oracle
          I don't think you have to use the messaging bridge feature to achieve your goal, although it is an alternative. Remote consumption should work between a client that is running on a newer release and a server that is running on an older release.

          Is there any error message or exception on either side? You need to check the server log files. You can also turn on debugging and see if the debugging messages give any clue on what is going on.

          Meanwhile there are a couple of things that you can check and try:
          1. make sure that all resources (WL server, JMS server and stores) are uniquely named cross the two domains
          2. if the resources are secure, make sure the security configuration of the SOA component is correct
          3. make sure that you consumer component is up running before your producer sends any messages unless you are using durable subscribers
          4. you can run the same application on two domains that both run the same WL release and see if the behavior is different.

          The following link contains information about the messaging bridge in case you would like to know it better.